Naming the puppy (or, picking a shoot date and raising the moolah)

A wise person once said, "You can't call yourself a filmmaker until you've actually made a film." Well, ain't that the truth! So after months of development and preparation Carbon will finally begin principal photography in October 2017!!!

To get there we'll be continuously fine tuning the story and script, planning investor events and gearing up for our first crowdfunding campaign which will launch in a little over a month. Not to mention reaching out to name talent, casting, staffing, etc. Lots to do!

Our crowdfunding campaign will take place on our favorite platform, Seed & Spark. We LOVE this company for many reasons not least of which is their founder, Emily Best, who is kickass leader and mom. With Seed & Spark, Emily and her team have created a platform that offers incredible support and resources for filmmakers and is commited to diversity in filmmaking, a cause close to our hearts.

We have a lot to learn while we get this film on its feet and into your hands, so we're going to be meeting with filmmakers, scientists, and other experts in relevant fields and then sharing everything we learn in a short form digital video series. So stay tuned for that!

It's going to be an exciting few months. We are so happy to have you with us on this journey!


Claire + the Lab