An Odyssey Ends...An Adventure Begins

It's hard to believe but, in a few short hours, this whole crowdfunding adventure comes to an end.

 So what's on the other side? Three main things will happen next:

CASTING DIRECTOR & CASTING: We've reached out to a bunch of Casting Directors. We'll be making a selection soon. Then we get to make lists of actors we want to put offers out to, set up auditions, find our cast...GAH! 

SCRIPT REVISIONS: Writing is rewriting, y'all. We're not making any big structural changes, just refining and continuing to make the science portrayal better and better.

HIRE AN ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER: This might sound like a dry, unexciting step. But, honestly, it's one of the things I'm most excited about. A few months ago I sent an email to my fellow incubator-ites at Big Vision Empty Walletlooking for recommendations. A bazillion of them sounded off about the same guy and firm. I've talked to him on the phone. We're meeting with him in a couple of weeks. I cannot WAIT to tell you all about it.

That's it for now. Cool stuff is coming down the line and I cannot WAIT to get on the other side of this campaign so I can spill :)