Lots of exciting developments both inside and outside the lab!


We have a fiscal sponsor! The Film Collab is an amazing organization that offers both fiscal sponsorship and manages festival runs and distribution. We're so proud to have been accepted into the family and are excited to be able to offer a charitable, tax-deductible contribution option to supporters. http://www.thefilmcollaborative.org/fiscalsponsorship/projects/carbon

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It takes a village and, let us tell you, our village is really stepping up. We've received incredible support around here so, if you're ever in Metuchen, NJ, make sure to stop by and give these folks a high five.

This summer our director, Priscilla Anany, will be filming with the Global Shea Alliancein Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria and Benin to tell the stories of the women who farm and process the Shea butter used by some of the world's top consumer goods companies.


Carbon writer/producer/lead, Claire McClanahan, has been writing and developing a new TV series called, Real M*thr, with Vanessa Stewart and Tracie Laymon. Real M*thr has advanced to the second, and final, round of the Sundance Episodic Lab! It's a killer project so we're keeping our fingers crossed it goes all the way. Between filming Carbon and spending a week at the Sundance ranch, this Fall is shaping up to be one for the books.


Friend of the lab, Chip Hourihan, just had a new film come out on Netflix last week. The movie is called "Amateur" and was directed by Ryan Koo (founder of No Film School) and stars Michael Rainey Jr. from Power and Josh Charles from The Good Wife. It's a timely and important film about the dark side of NCAA recruiting. Check it out!


Carbon Producer, Marisa Vitali, has been continuing the conversation of recovery with college screenings of her award winning film, GRACE, throughout NY state www.grace-the-move.com. More screenings will be coming up in May, we'll keep you posted on that. To get a sense of the brains, passion, and beauty of this amazing human you have to listen to her inteview about the film last week.

In addition to her extensive work as a producer, Marisa has also found time to appear in several episodes of the popular soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.